Thursday, December 29, 2011

What a Christmas!

Even though we spent G Dubb's first Christmas at felt like we traveled around the world! John's family came into town to spend some much needed time with Graham and the family. His grandfather...aka "the baby snatcher" occupied most of G Dubb's time...basically doing everything possible except feeding him. They enjoyed their time together and I think Graham is currently going through a little withdrawl from Pops.
We spent Christmas eve with my mom and enjoyed our first church experience however, Graham and I only got to hear a little bit of the sermon before he got hugry. Christmas day was spent at our house with the Lintner family. We had a wonderful breakfast, then opened some gifts and topped it off with a delicious Christmas day meal. We sucessfully made it through an entire holiday season without having turkey! This year, John smoked a beef brisket, courtesy of Mac's Speed Shop. It turned out great and we had some wonderful sides to complement the brisket. We spent the next day at my dad's house just hanging out and exchanging gifts.

Graham had a wonderful Christmas with family. He met his Aunt Sarah for the first time as she flew home from Chile where she is learning to fluently speak the Spanish language. We are very thankful to have such a supportive family that shows nothing but love for G Dubb. Merry Christmas everyone!!

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