Saturday, May 5, 2012

6 months old!

Must I not forget...the biggest milestone yet...Graham's half birthday! Everything is in the mouth these days, signs and paper included. Happy 1/2 b-day big man! I love you!

At last...paradise!

We just returned from paradise...St. Marteen. The family went down with Bogey, Marmee, Uncle Britt, Aunt Renee, Anna and Thomas. We had an absolute blast and we were all wondering why we only booked a 4 night stay here. We certainly did not want to leave and were trying to come up with some creative occupations/services to justify taking up residence on the island.

This was not only Graham's first trip to the beach but his first plane ride as well. It wasn't too long of a trip, only 3-4 hours and he did awesome. Thank god I have a sleeper on my side! There were several other babies/toddlers on our flight but G Dubb was by far the best passenger!

Graham really enjoyed some pool least I think so. If you know him or have ever seen him in action, all he wants to do is suck his fingers. So naturally, he just laid back in his float with his shades and bucket hat on...taking it all in with his finger in his mouth. Uncle Britt dubbed him "Fingers"...

After hittin the pool out back, next up was the beach....not a fan. I'm sure it will just come with time but the waves were a little scary for G Dubb. So instead we put him in the tent for a little snooze.

But check out that was gorgeous!!

One of Uncle Britt's favorite hobbies is flying planes, so we went to a famous bar that over looks the ocean where you can watch all the jets and planes fly right over you. Check out the video!

We went to the market one day and bought 2 big mahi mahi filets to cook up for the next couple of nights. They were delicious and fresh...if only G Dubb could have tasted it he would have been a fish fan for life!

Most importantly Graham got to spend some quality time with those he doesn't see a whole lot. I think his favorite was by far cousin Anna. She was great with him! Future babysitter...

And of course, what a beautiful place to capture pics of my beautiful family...

Signing's 5:00 somewhere right?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sweet Boy

How can you resist this?

The greatest invention since...the Miracle Blanket

That's right folks...something that tops or comes pretty darn close to my lifesaver, the Miracle Blanket. Have you guessed it yet? Here's a hint..

The EXERSAUCER...the toy of all toys, and with such a powerful name. I mean who in their right mind would NOT want to play in this thing. It's fully loaded, jammed packed with gators that teach you the 123's & ABC's, singing lizards, followed up with a trip around the world where you get to listen to culturally relevant tunes. And yes...that's my son sucking his fingers in the midst of all this excitement. He learned that one from a pro:)

5 Months Old!!

Yep, we're a little late on this post as well. Graham turned 5 months old last week! Every month just gets better and better as his skills continue to develop. He's well on his way to sitting up unassisted! Way to go G Dubb! Love you little booger!

At Last...

Graham's been awfully interested in what mommy has been eating lately so we went for it over the weekend and introduced him to rice cereal. He wasn't a big fan of it of course and as of yet hasn't really gotten used to it but he'll come's that Clifford in him!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Graham's Baptism

We just finished a very special weekend as Graham Woodward was baptised into the Episcopal Church. It was a wonderful weekend despite the weather, we had family in town to celebrate with us on this joyous occasion. Graham along with 7 other babies were baptised on Sunday, February 19th...a day that we'll always remember. John and I were especially tickled that Reverend Marty who married us, also administered Graham's baptism. Everyone gathered for the 11:15 service and then headed to Mimi's house for a delicious lunch. Thank you to everyone who made this event very special for our new family, we will never forget it! Graham is blessed to have so much love surrounding him from all over the country...we couldn't ask for anything more!
Graham getting a taste of the holy water with his god parents Gordon and Julie!
Out like a light...

My God parents Gordon and Julie!
With Mimi and Ken...
The Lintner crew!
The Clifford clan...
 Special thanks to the PALS for opening all my gifts!
Love my cousins!

Thanks again everyone for making this an unforgettable event!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dump O' Photos...

So...I've gone back to work and like I imagined...I have zero time to keep up with this blog. I really want to keep posting events daily but it's just not practical with the schedule we're adjusting to lately. One of the many purposes of this blog is for Graham to be able to look back at his life in a digital form...given the internet still exists when he's 30! So here's G Dubb in the last month or so at 3-4 months of age.
Go Dawgs!

Look at my big ole belly!

Hangin with my Cici!
I'm such a flirt...
Next up...getting baptized...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sip N' See with Mimi

Sorry it's been a while since my last post but I've been trying to get in as much G Dubb time as possible as my first day back to work is Tuesday, the 17th. I'm not looking forward to leaving my sweet baby boy but i have to tell myself it's what's best right now for me and my child. I know he will be in good hands, I just hate tobe missing out on so much of his infancy. I'll stop my whining now...

We were pretty busy last weekend with parties galore! First, we showered our dear friend Natalia Russo as they prepare to welcome their first baby boy at the end of the month. It was a beautiful shower with lots of good eats to share with good friends. The Lintner family is SO excited to meet baby Russo! The next day we headed off to Mimi's house as she welcomed some of her long time friends to "Sip" on tea and lemonade and "See" baby Graham. The guest of honor did very well, staying awake the whole time. It was so nice to see all of my mom's good friends, most of which were around to see my brother and I grow up. All of these women have remained such good friends over the years, they truly represent the meaning of friendship. I only hope that my friends and I will have that same type of relationship in the future.
Good times had by all...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bowl time baby!

We kicked off the bowl season with the Dawgs vs. Michigan State. Here's G Dubb hanging out with daddy. Daddy was expecting Graham to be his good luck charm but was sadly mistaken. MSU -33 , UGA - 30.
This game is getting pretty boring...

And so we moved on from the Georgia loss and got ready to cheer on the Clemson Tigers as they took on the West Virginia Mountaineers in the Orange bowl. I was very happy to hear that Clemson was chosen for the Orange bowl this year as this bowl is especially memorable to my family. My grandparents are from Miami which is where my dad and uncles and aunt grew up. My grandparents were very involved in the Miami community and the Orange bowl. If my memory serves me correctly, the two sweethearts were named Mr. and Mrs. Miami because of their work with the Orange bowl and many other events.

Unfortunately, the Clemson Tigers took a HUGE beating from the Mountaineers in a loss of 70 to 33. Only 6 other teams have scored more than 70 points throughout bowl game history. Way to go Clemson defense and Kevin Steele.

As a result, Graham was not a good luck charm during bowl season but he looked pretty darn cute trying!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

More Christmas pics...

Here's some more pictures from our Christmas Eve with Mimi. We had a great time enjoying our first church service...well not exactly...G and I spent our time in the nursery. We then headed back to Mimi's for a wonderful dinner and lots of presents!!