Friday, December 16, 2011

Swaddle me this...

With the help from my sister-in-law JoAnne and a little video entitled Happiest Baby on the Block, I was able to become a rather successful swaddler. One of my proud tactical accomplishments that made me feel like I was fit to be a mother. Graham was sleeping well at night, so well that I had to wake him up for each feeding.

Little did I know...this wouldn't last long as G Dubb put on the pounds and inches...he knocked my ego back down and broke free from the swaddle. So many of my friends claim how their little ones just LOVE being swaddled...well guess what...not Graham. And I don't blame him, I'm not sure that I would love the feeling of not being able to move my arms at my own will.
Still, I knew in my sick little competitive heart that I could make him LOVE the swaddle just like all of my friends kids so I decided to invest in a sweet little miracle....The Miracle Blanket.
So here's to the Miracle Blanket and a good night's sleep...we'll keep you posted on the progress!!

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