Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Graham's Baptism

We just finished a very special weekend as Graham Woodward was baptised into the Episcopal Church. It was a wonderful weekend despite the weather, we had family in town to celebrate with us on this joyous occasion. Graham along with 7 other babies were baptised on Sunday, February 19th...a day that we'll always remember. John and I were especially tickled that Reverend Marty who married us, also administered Graham's baptism. Everyone gathered for the 11:15 service and then headed to Mimi's house for a delicious lunch. Thank you to everyone who made this event very special for our new family, we will never forget it! Graham is blessed to have so much love surrounding him from all over the country...we couldn't ask for anything more!
Graham getting a taste of the holy water with his god parents Gordon and Julie!
Out like a light...

My God parents Gordon and Julie!
With Mimi and Ken...
The Lintner crew!
The Clifford clan...
 Special thanks to the PALS for opening all my gifts!
Love my cousins!

Thanks again everyone for making this an unforgettable event!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dump O' Photos...

So...I've gone back to work and like I imagined...I have zero time to keep up with this blog. I really want to keep posting events daily but it's just not practical with the schedule we're adjusting to lately. One of the many purposes of this blog is for Graham to be able to look back at his life in a digital form...given the internet still exists when he's 30! So here's G Dubb in the last month or so at 3-4 months of age.
Go Dawgs!

Look at my big ole belly!

Hangin with my Cici!
I'm such a flirt...
Next up...getting baptized...