Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sweet Boy

How can you resist this?

The greatest invention since...the Miracle Blanket

That's right folks...something that tops or comes pretty darn close to my lifesaver, the Miracle Blanket. Have you guessed it yet? Here's a hint..

The EXERSAUCER...the toy of all toys, and with such a powerful name. I mean who in their right mind would NOT want to play in this thing. It's fully loaded, jammed packed with gators that teach you the 123's & ABC's, singing lizards, followed up with a trip around the world where you get to listen to culturally relevant tunes. And yes...that's my son sucking his fingers in the midst of all this excitement. He learned that one from a pro:)

5 Months Old!!

Yep, we're a little late on this post as well. Graham turned 5 months old last week! Every month just gets better and better as his skills continue to develop. He's well on his way to sitting up unassisted! Way to go G Dubb! Love you little booger!

At Last...

Graham's been awfully interested in what mommy has been eating lately so we went for it over the weekend and introduced him to rice cereal. He wasn't a big fan of it of course and as of yet hasn't really gotten used to it but he'll come around...it's that Clifford in him!!