Saturday, May 5, 2012

At last...paradise!

We just returned from paradise...St. Marteen. The family went down with Bogey, Marmee, Uncle Britt, Aunt Renee, Anna and Thomas. We had an absolute blast and we were all wondering why we only booked a 4 night stay here. We certainly did not want to leave and were trying to come up with some creative occupations/services to justify taking up residence on the island.

This was not only Graham's first trip to the beach but his first plane ride as well. It wasn't too long of a trip, only 3-4 hours and he did awesome. Thank god I have a sleeper on my side! There were several other babies/toddlers on our flight but G Dubb was by far the best passenger!

Graham really enjoyed some pool least I think so. If you know him or have ever seen him in action, all he wants to do is suck his fingers. So naturally, he just laid back in his float with his shades and bucket hat on...taking it all in with his finger in his mouth. Uncle Britt dubbed him "Fingers"...

After hittin the pool out back, next up was the beach....not a fan. I'm sure it will just come with time but the waves were a little scary for G Dubb. So instead we put him in the tent for a little snooze.

But check out that was gorgeous!!

One of Uncle Britt's favorite hobbies is flying planes, so we went to a famous bar that over looks the ocean where you can watch all the jets and planes fly right over you. Check out the video!

We went to the market one day and bought 2 big mahi mahi filets to cook up for the next couple of nights. They were delicious and fresh...if only G Dubb could have tasted it he would have been a fish fan for life!

Most importantly Graham got to spend some quality time with those he doesn't see a whole lot. I think his favorite was by far cousin Anna. She was great with him! Future babysitter...

And of course, what a beautiful place to capture pics of my beautiful family...

Signing's 5:00 somewhere right?

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